Table Bases

Welcome to our range of quality table bases. A new range for us back in 2023 these have quickly become one of our best selling products.

These quality pieces are built to the highest standards yet we are extremely competitively priced, due to buying these in such volumes we can offer these for sale at some of the lowest rates you will find online.

All of these beautifully crafted pieces are built to commercial grade but are just as popular in and around the home and garden as they are at large trade events, cafes and restaurants. Designed for heavy commercial use these table uprights will stand the test of time. They are also a great way of upgrading your existing stock without having to replace the entire table as these will fit nearly any table tops that are on the market.

Different Styles Available:

Cast Iron Table Base – Available in both standard and high table versions these are built for strength.

Cast Aluminium Table Base – Very strong like the cast iron versions but they only weigh 6kg each making them much easier to move around.

Aluminium Flip Table Bases – Available in both standard and high table versions these are perfect if you are looking for a product that you stack away at the end of each day.

Truss High Tables – Perfect if looking for something to really stand out.

Please also visit our wide range of table tops that will sit on all of these wonderful table bases and these can be seen here.