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Commercial Bar Furniture

BE Furniture Sales provides a range of commercial bar furniture from bar stools, bar tables and bar furniture sets. Our bar furniture is manufactured for commercial use, but looks equally great in the home. BE Commercial Bar Furniture Bar & Counter Stools Bar and counter stools are available… Continue Reading

Anniversary Party Furniture Sets - Party at Home - BE Furniture Sales

Anniversary Party Furniture Sets

BE Furniture Sales have created a range of party dining sets for that special anniversary party at home. The ready to go party dining sets includes 8 chairs in a variety of types and styles, from folding chairs to outdoor chairs that can be used in the garden… Continue Reading

Year Round Garden Furniture

There are different types of furniture manufactured for various uses. Garden furniture is manufactured for both home and commercial use and should compliment the business or the home, and they include tables and chairs. While choosing new garden furniture, there are different things that one needs to consider…. Continue Reading

New Years Eve & Day Furniture Sets - Dining Sets - BE Furniture Sales

New Years Eve & Day Furniture Sets

Due to popular demand for more at home entertaining furniture options BE Furniture Sales have crated a range of dining sets for New Years Eve & New Years Day furniture sets to help you seat all your family and friends comfortably this year. The ready to go dining… Continue Reading

School Furniture Buying Guide - UK School Furniture - BE Furniture Sales

School Furniture Buying Guide

Schools are under immense pressure to consistently deliver a quality academic service to their students. A well-run school shouldn’t struggle to achieve this benchmark, but there are numerous variables that affect the performance of both the staff complement, and the students. One such variable that is often underestimated… Continue Reading

What is a poseur table? - Black Metal & Oak Poseur Table - BE Furniture Sales

What is a Poseur Table?

A poseur table also known as a high table or bar table is commonly used in the event industry as a standing only table for drinks or used in bistros or bars with high chairs or bars stools. A poseur tables typical height is around 104 cm tall… Continue Reading