Restaurant Seating & Furniture Tips

Opening your very own restaurant is an exciting venture, especially if you personally have a passion for cooking or serving food. Before launching your restaurant and hosting an opening night celebration, choosing the right seating and furniture arrangement is essential. Without the right interior aesthetic and appeal, you… Continue Reading

Trestle Table Buying Guide

Trestle tables feature folding trestle legs with either a square, rectangular or round table top, with the most recognised being the rectangular trestle table. The space saving nature of trestle tables makes them a very popular option as a temporary (or permanent) table in both the home for… Continue Reading

Tip to Cleaning a Garden Parasol

Your outdoor umbrella or garden parasol is unprotected against the elements for several months a year, they get dirty from dust, air pollution and plant debris not to mention other contaminants like bird droppings. The trick to keeping your garden parasol in tip-top condition is to clean it… Continue Reading

How to Clean Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture also known as rattan wicker furniture is a relatively lightweight and durable garden furnishing item made from woven rattan lianas cores and stems. The outdoor garden furniture market tends to favour a wide range of artificial rattan’s featuring unique designs. The use of rattan furniture’s as… Continue Reading

Bistro Chairs Buying Guide

Bistro chairs have stood the test of time originating in the 19th Century in France. Bistro was originally designed to be used in small cafes across Europe. Since then, many replicas have been made and sold all over the world. Even though bistro tables and chairs were originally… Continue Reading