Banquet Chairs

BE Furniture Sales offer various styles of new Banquet chairs in a Premium and budget range and in a choice of colours. We also stock the black ISO Conference Chairs here too.

Our ever popular banqueting chairs are used in all venues from village halls, hotels to exclusive conference facilities.

With a strong robust frame and a stackable construction, these chairs allow you to create an affordable way of seating 100’s of guests yet when not in use they stack neatly and take up very little space.

Our premium banquet chairs are built to our specifications these chairs have a 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm frame making them much stronger and more robust than many other banqueting chairs you can find on line. These chairs also have extra thick seat pads at 6 cm deep for comfort, making these chairs ideal for when needing to seat people for a few hours at a time.

Our black ISO Conference chairs are a suitable alternative to the banquet chairs and we also stock 100’s of these. Our conference chairs come with a silver metal leg with a black padded seat and back and again are used at various event venues, hotels and conferences across the UK.

View our selection of banqueting tables to complete your event set up.