Traditional Crossback Chairs

Welcome to BE Furniture Sales range of Traditional Crossback Chairs.

Our Cross back chair range covers both traditional wedding styles and the very ‘on trend’ wooden rustic and industrial themes. The chairs are made of high-quality wood and have sturdy and durable construction.

These chairs’ wooden finish and crossed-back design make them perfect for creating a rustic atmosphere that is warm and inviting. They are sturdy and durable, making them ideal for wedding venues, around the home and restaurants requiring robust furniture, and easily accessorised with cushions or throws to match your colour scheme. We have tested these products for 10 plus years now with our sister company, BE Event Hire who have over 1,000 of these chairs in hire stock and they last for years.  With a strong robust wooden frame and a stackable construction, these chairs allow you to create an affordable way of seating 100’s of guests yet when not in use they stack neatly and take up very little space.

We stock these chairs in many different finishes and they are currently available in light wood, dark wood, traditional and limewash finishes.

These wooden crossback chairs can also be supplied with tie on seat pads for added comfort if needed in either white or ivory.

We stock 1000’s of these chairs and are happy to discuss bulk discounts and arrange shipping for larger orders via our fleet of vehicles or pallets.