Seat Pads

BE Furniture Sales stock and supply a wide range of seat pads, cushions and covers to accompany the many styles of chairs we sell.

Tie On Versions

We stock tie on seat cushions in Ivory and White. These elegant cushions add additional comfort to all of the beautiful wooden traditional cross back chairs we stock. Each of these seat cushions has a simple tie on attachment around the back of each chair making them very easy to remove for storage and cleaning.

Velcro Versions

We stock the ever popular Velcro seat pads in Ivory, Black, Red, Blue, Beige and burnt orange. We also have many more colours due early 2024 to expand the colour range event more with Pink, Green, Blue, Silver and many more vibrant colours on the way. These range of seat covers fit all the in stock Chiavari Chairs we sell. Each cushion has two thick strips of Velcro under the seat that matches to the chairs to make these very easy to fit and remove. These cushions are a great way to totally transform the colour scheme of an event in a mature of minutes.