Chiavari Chairs

Welcome to BE Furniture Sales range of Chiavari chairs for sale.

Our Chiavari chairs are manufactured to provide a contemporary, yet elegant chair that is perfect for weddings, formal events and conferences. We have tested these products for 20 plus years now with our sister company, BE Event Hire who have over 6,000 of these chairs in hire stock and they last for years.  With a strong robust wooden frame and a stackable construction, these chairs allow you to create an affordable way of seating 100’s of guests yet when not in use they stack neatly and take up very little space.

These chairs also stack well for storage and transport. Each chair has two Velcro patches attached to the seat ready for attaching seat covers.

We stock these beautiful chairs in Limewash, Gold, Silver, Black and Clear finishes.

We also stock a wide range of removable seat pads for these chairs in many different colours, our full range of seat pads can be seen here. 

Please contact our sales team if you cannot locate the chair you are looking for.