Balcony Living Ideas

Balconies encourage you to spend more time outside and can make small apartments or homes feel less cramped indoors. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to know how to decorate balconies to make them look cosy and inviting. If you want a few balcony living ideas, there are ways… Continue Reading

Small Balcony Design Ideas

Whether you like to spend time on your balcony sipping your morning coffee, looking out over the city, or just reading a good book or gazing at the stars, you of course want this space to be comfortable and beautiful. Yet for many people who have a small… Continue Reading

Weatherproof Aluminium Tables & Chairs

BE Furniture Sales stocks a range of weatherproof aluminium tables and chairs. Our weatherproof aluminium tables and chairs are selected for their style, their durability and their craftsmanship. Ideal for the home garden, restaurants, cafes, hotels and the patio. Weatherproof Aluminium Chairs Our aluminium bistro chairs can be… Continue Reading

Why is Outdoor Furniture So Expensive?

Is it just me or has garden furniture skyrocketed in price, so what’s going on? Increased prices due to the shortage in the supply chain and the cost of the materials used to make them. Supply Shortage There has been a shortage recently in the supply of outdoor… Continue Reading

How to Clean Green Algae Off Garden Furniture

We love to relax on comfy outdoor furniture after a long day at work. However, comfort comes with an added responsibility. You need to take care of your furnishings to maintain them in perfect condition and extend their useful life. When neglected, your garden furniture can collect dirt,… Continue Reading

All Weather Aluminium Garden Furniture

Aluminium makes the perfect all weather garden furniture! Aluminium garden furniture is perfect for areas that have rainy and salty climates, aluminium garden furniture simply will not rust. There are two main types of aluminium furniture: frame tubing and cast aluminium. Frame tubing construction costs less, but is… Continue Reading

Will Snow Damage Garden Furniture?

Snow will damage garden furniture. The degree of the damage will depend on the type of garden furniture (wood, metal, plastic), the amount of snow and the length of time that snow remains on the garden furniture. Depending on where you live in the UK, you may or… Continue Reading