Rattan Bistro Garden Furniture for Cafes and Restaurants

When setting up your café or restaurant, you have to consider both the indoors and outdoors designs and the warmer months offer a pleasurable outdoor dining experience. They get to soak in the sun, enjoy the outside scenery, and take advantage of the warm weather before the seasons change and make outdoor dining uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, if your outdoor space is not properly designed, it could lead to a bad experience, so instead of having small tables and rickety chairs, utilise other options to make your visitors feel more relaxed.

Ensure that the outdoor space matches the vibe inside the café. You will need outdoor furniture that creates the same dining experience as that found inside the restaurant whilst being durable as outdoor furniture.

What kind of garden furniture is versatile, elegant, stylish, low on maintenance, and all-purpose?

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Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is a material that is visually similar to bamboo but comprises about 600 different types of reed palms which are usually found in tropical regions. As such, rattan gives off an exotic look and feel. It is quite vine-like in the way it grows which allows for the material to be molded into all types of styles thus making it ideal for furniture making.

Therefore, unlike wooden furniture that is typically heavy and prone to getting damaged when arranging or moving it, rattan is lightweight and exceptionally strong and tough. Additionally, while wooden or plastic furniture cannot be kept outside all year round, rattan does not deteriorate thus making it the ideal outdoor furniture.

Apart from being less susceptible to climatic conditions, rattan only needs a damp cloth and a mild detergent to keep it in the prime condition, unlike wooden furniture that will need regular repair and re-polishing which becomes expensive in the long run. Let us look at the benefits of using rattan furniture for the outdoors of your café or restaurant:

1. Durability

Out of all the garden furniture options, Rattan is the most durable of them all. Rattan is composed of materials that are sturdy enough to withstand most outdoor conditions. Each table and chair is designed out of these materials and then held together with aluminium supports. Additionally, rattan garden furniture boasts of rust-proof bolts, staples, and nails which further enhance the furniture’s durability.

Also, rattan can last through heavy wear and tear. Considering that you may serve hundreds of customers every month, you want furniture that offers you longevity.

2. Comfort

Not only are the cushions in rattan furniture durable, they are very comfortable as well. While the design is specific to your needs, rattan cushions are typically thick which enhances their toughness. This also allows your guests to sink into these cosy outdoor seats.

Therefore, rather than dining while seated on steel bistro chairs which gets uncomfortable after a short while, your customers can relax in rattan cushions for hours and enjoy a luxurious dining experience.

3. Various Table Sizes

Any reputable outdoor restaurant knows that having a variety of seating arrangements is important because it accommodates guests’ preferences as well as being ready for any group size. With rattan garden furniture, you can choose from anything between a table for two and long banquet tables. You can base your choice depending on the types of guests your café tends to attract.

This variety also allows for various dining experiences. A table for two is ideal for an intimate date night where a couple can enjoy their privacy while a family could make use of a larger table.

4. Events Gathering Place

Outdoor restaurants provide good venues for hosting gatherings or events which can be used to draw in crowds and additional business. For instance, you could have the café bring in local talent to perform for your guests on particular days of the week.

Due to its comfort and convenience, rattan furniture will greatly add to a fun atmosphere. Guests will have the time of their lives dining on a great meal, sit back in comfortable seats, and enjoy good music.

5. Affordability

Unlike the popular wooden furniture which is usually costly for both purchase and maintenance, rattan is more affordable while having a longer lifespan. However, the huge price difference does not imply that rattan is of low quality.

Additionally, you will not need to buy liquids or oils for its maintenance either. The small savings you make on these products will significantly reduce your overheads in the long haul. This is the reason why rattan is quickly becoming the go-to garden furniture material.

6. Sustainability

Sustainability has become a necessity in today’s society. We are becoming more environmentally conscious and thus more individuals are shying away from products that are not environmentally friendly because they are not ethical.

Rattan is among the most environmentally friendly products that you could use to make furniture.

It is designed out of a reed that is easily harvested and regrows at a fast rate as well and synthetic rattan can be made from recycled platic. Also, it is not taken through industrial treatments during its harvesting. As such, no harmful toxins are utilised in its growth and harvesting.

Designers today are creating a vast array of rattan garden furniture. Now, rattan furniture consists of more than just dining chairs and sofa sets; you can get bistro sets, loungers, coffee tables etc. Additionally, the designs vary from modern minimalism to country chic.

All the above are reasons to why you need to consider rattan garden furniture for your outdoor café or restaurant. You will not only have an exotic looking setup but also you will save some major costs while allowing your diners to have an amazing experience. This is bound to bring in even more business to your establishment.

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