Wooden Trestle Table Sizes

Wooden Trestle Tables are the backbone of the events industry for everyday use in school and community halls to garages and potting sheds. Our wooden trestle tables (handmade in the UK) follow standard industry sizes starting at 4’x2′ up to 6’x3′ and stand 73cm (730mm) high. Wooden Trestle… Continue Reading

Wooden Folding Tables: Indoor & Outdoor

Wooden folding tables have become a staple in various event settings, from large-scale exhibition venues to small home and garden gatherings. These versatile tables are renowned for their durability and functionality, making them popular for indoor and outdoor use. With their sturdy construction and practical design, wooden folding… Continue Reading

Types of Wood Furniture Finishes

Ever wondered what the type of finish is listed on the furniture’s details or wondering how to finish a restored piece of wood furniture?. Here is a handy guide to the various types of wood furniture finishes that are out there. What is a ‘Finish’? A finish, at… Continue Reading

School Furniture Buying Guide - UK School Furniture - BE Furniture Sales

School Furniture Buying Guide

Schools are under immense pressure to consistently deliver a quality academic service to their students. A well-run school shouldn’t struggle to achieve this benchmark, but there are numerous variables that affect the performance of both the staff complement, and the students. One such variable that is often underestimated… Continue Reading