What Makes a Bistro a Bistro?

The word bistro refers to a particular kind of restaurant that first emerged in Paris and soon started to spread throughout the European continent. They are mainly geared towards those who want a moderately priced simple meal with alcohol along with it. ‘Bistro’ was used to denote a… Continue Reading

Can I Put Tables and Chairs Outside My Cafe

Cafe owners know that having a range of seating options available to customers increases their capacity as well as providing attractive options for attracting customers, one of which is outdoor seating especially in summer months. The problem with outdoor seating though is that certain areas have different rules… Continue Reading

Banqueting Tables Bulk Buy Discounts

BE Furniture Sales offers bulk buy discounts on banqueting tables. Bulk Buy Banqueting Tables Please click through to the individual banqueting tables for more product information. 7 ft Banqueting Tables 1-9: £135.00 10-19: £127.00 20 +: £120.00 7 ft Banqueting Tables 5 ft Banqueting Tables 1-9: £46.00 10-19:… Continue Reading

Event Seating Layouts

One of the most important aspects of any event is the proper layout of the seating to meet the needs of the clients. An important factor is the weight of the banqueting tables and chairs. Steel banqueting chairs are heavier than aluminium chairs. This increases the risk for… Continue Reading

Hotel Furniture Trends

Every hotel manager and owner wants to make guests feel comfortable and at ease during their stay which means that the decor and hotel furniture needs to work together to create this overall impression and ambience. Trends in Hotel Furniture 1. Personalised Services In an increasingly digital world… Continue Reading

Pub Furniture Trends & Tips

Popular Trends in Pub Furniture for 2019 Gone are the days where a quiet pint was the order of the day in pubs. Today, customers want to go to a place that looks good, has a fun vibe and which offers a completely new experience. The decor that… Continue Reading

Colour in Restaurant Design

The Power of the Psychology of Colour in Restaurant Design You can easily spot your favourite restaurant from a far because you are familiar with its one of a kind logo and the unique colours and branding that set it apart from the rest of the pack. Colour… Continue Reading