What Next for The Restaurant Industry in 2022

The restaurant industry is always changing. Trends are generated by various factors, including social media, TV shows, celebrities, food blogs, Michelin rankings, and more. There are many predictions about what might happen. Some predict that restaurants will invest more heavily in technology and automation, while others will rely… Continue Reading

Coffee Shops Post Covid-19: Moving Forward

The covid pandemic adversely affected industries and people with lockdowns, and layoffs, it has been challenging for businesses to say the least. Coupled with working from home still in full force, the coffee shop has had a turbulent 18 months. Challenges Faced by Coffee Shops During the Pandemic… Continue Reading

Restaurant & Food Trends Post COVID

There is no doubt the restaurant industry suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the National Restaurant Association, 2020 presented greater challenges than any other year in history. Over 110,000 drinking and eating establishments closed last year in the United States alone and more than 2.5 million… Continue Reading

Restaurants Struggle to Find Staff

The coronavirus pandemic flipped the hospitality industry upside down. A significant number of restaurant and bars were forced to close. There was no alternative for such businesses to generate income, and some took huge debts to maintain the restaurants. Employees were furloughed or made redundant. The restrictions regarding… Continue Reading

Restaurant Interior Design Trends 2021

The restaurant industry went through some major upheaval in 2020. Many restaurants had to entirely rethink the way they serve their customers in order to stay in business. These changes had restaurant owners not just redesigning how they served food, but the physical space of their restaurants as… Continue Reading

Coffee Shop Trends for 2021

Coffee is a staple in many people’s day. The coffee industry is always growing and changing to fit the needs of customers. Coffee shops were hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic, but it seemed like most people needed it more than ever. We’ve got a look into the… Continue Reading

Cafe High Tables & Bar Stools

BE Furniture Sales range of high tables and bar stool sets are ideal space save seating for smaller cafes. Our high tables & stool sets include one high table and two bar / breakfast bar stools. High Tables & Stool Sets     Nationwide delivery available on all… Continue Reading