Restaurant, Café Reopening Advice During COVID

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many adverse effects to different aspects of the economy. Mostly, the lockdowns imposed on many areas have paralysed the global economy. Many governments around the globe had instructed people to work from home to protect themselves from the virus, and control its spread…. Continue Reading

Restaurant & Leisure Industry After COVID-19

Restaurants have always been important for society. Restaurants embrace social life, celebrations, and represent the cultures of the community. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants all over the United Kingdom are closed. Offering delivery is no more than a temporary solution. Despite the popularity of numerous restaurants, bailing… Continue Reading

Table & 2 Chair Sets for Home & Garden

BE Furniture Sales have created a wide range of table and two chair furniture sets ideal for the smaller home and garden. Our furniture is intended for commercial premises making these sets more durable then your average high street stores. It’s these qualities that have lead restaurants like… Continue Reading