New Outdoor Commercial Chairs for 2022

New outdoor commercial chairs at BE Furniture Sales BE Furniture Sales works hard to provide high quality commercial outdoor furniture at an affordable price whilst maintaining stock levels for bulk orders. Outdoor Commercial Chairs for 2022 As new stock arrives they will be added to the site, please… Continue Reading

What Next for The Restaurant Industry in 2022

The restaurant industry is always changing. Trends are generated by various factors, including social media, TV shows, celebrities, food blogs, Michelin rankings, and more. There are many predictions about what might happen. Some predict that restaurants will invest more heavily in technology and automation, while others will rely… Continue Reading

Coffee Shops Post Covid-19: Moving Forward

The covid pandemic adversely affected industries and people with lockdowns, and layoffs, it has been challenging for businesses to say the least. Coupled with working from home still in full force, the coffee shop has had a turbulent 18 months. Challenges Faced by Coffee Shops During the Pandemic… Continue Reading

Restaurant & Food Trends Post COVID

There is no doubt the restaurant industry suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the National Restaurant Association, 2020 presented greater challenges than any other year in history. Over 110,000 drinking and eating establishments closed last year in the United States alone and more than 2.5 million… Continue Reading