Our Top Five Aluminium Garden Furniture Sets for the Summer

Synonymous with longevity, elegance, and minimal upkeep, aluminium garden furniture sets have become the choice for those looking to transform their outdoor spaces into stylish and practical sanctuaries.

First, its incredible durability means it’s resistant to rust and corrosion, making it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture that must withstand the elements. Second, when it comes to style, aluminium is a clear winner. Its sleek appearance complements many traditional and contemporary designs, ensuring a set to suit every aesthetic. Lastly, if you dread the thought of high-maintenance garden furniture, then aluminium is your friend. Its easy-to-clean surface and low maintenance needs allow you more time to relax and enjoy your garden.

Our Top Five Aluminium Garden Furniture Sets for the Summer - BE Furniture Sales

Why Choose Aluminium?

Aluminium is renowned for its toughness and resistance to various weather conditions. Unlike other materials, aluminium doesn’t rust or decay when exposed to rain, wind, or salty coastal air. This makes it a superb choice for outdoor furniture, ensuring it can endure all the weather throws at it while maintaining its original charm and function. Whether your area experiences blazing sunshine, heavy downpours, or bitter snowfall, aluminium furniture will stand the test of time.

Environmental Benefits

In an age where sustainability is increasingly significant in buying decisions, aluminium comes out on top. It’s a fully recyclable material. When an aluminium furniture piece has outlived its usefulness, it can be recycled into new aluminium products without losing quality or properties. By choosing aluminium, you’re selecting a durable and stylish option for your garden and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

An aspect often overlooked when choosing garden furniture is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. With aluminium, this task becomes straightforward. It requires only a simple cleaning with soapy water to keep it looking its best. Unlike other materials, there’s no need for specialised cleaning products or rigorous maintenance routines. Your furniture will remain in excellent condition with just a little care, leaving you more time to enjoy your outdoor sanctuary.

Our Top Five Aluminium Garden Furniture Sets
for the Summer

Round Aluminium Table & 4 Aluminium Chairs

This robust yet elegant set, featuring a round aluminium table complemented by four matching chairs, exudes simplicity and modern appeal. Its key features include rust-resistant aluminium frames and a weather-resistant finish, making it ideal for outdoor use.

This set is suitable for various settings, from balconies to expansive gardens, and would be a fantastic choice for those hosting regular intimate gatherings or family meals.



Black Rattan Garden Sets with Bistro Table

This stylish set combines the sleekness of aluminium with the warmth of black rattan. It includes a chic bistro table and comfortable rattan chairs with aluminium frames. Key features include durability, weather resistance, and easy maintenance.

This versatile set blends seamlessly into many styles of décor. It looks great with colourful cushions or surrounded by lush greenery for a more tropical vibe.



Aluminium Bistro Set with Square Table & 4 Aluminium Chairs

This bistro set is defined by its sleek lines and contemporary look. It includes a square aluminium table and four matching chairs. Its main features include a rust-free aluminium build, lightweight design, and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Perfect for urban settings or smaller spaces, this set can be styled with modern décor items such as geometric-patterned cushions or monochromatic outdoor rugs.



Aluminium Garden Set with Square Glass Table & 4 Double Tube Chairs

This elegant set has a square glass-top table and four double tube chairs. Its key features include rust-resistant aluminium frames, a tempered glass tabletop for added safety, and a weather-resistant finish.

This set can make excellent use of larger and smaller outdoor spaces. Its modern design allows it to be the focal point of your outdoor setting.



Aluminium Café Set with Round Glass Table & 4 Chair Set

This café set exudes a relaxed, continental vibe. The set includes a round glass-top table and four comfortable aluminium chairs. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction, rust resistance, and easy maintenance are key features.

This set pairs beautifully with other garden elements, such as outdoor lighting or potted plants. Its design suits a wide range of outdoor spaces, from patios to poolside areas.



Each of these aluminium garden furniture sets offers its unique style and charm while sharing the typical advantages of durability, ease of maintenance, and weather resistance. No matter your aesthetic or the size of your outdoor space, you’ll find a aluminium garden set that suits your summer needs amongst our top picks.

Caring for your Aluminium Garden Furniture

Here are some practical care and maintenance tips to keep your furniture looking its best and extend its lifespan further.

Cleaning Advice

Aluminium furniture is relatively easy to clean. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the furniture. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing brushes, as these can scratch the surface. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly and dry with a towel to avoid water spots. Regular cleaning keeps your furniture looking great and prevents the buildup of dirt and grime that can eventually cause damage.

Storing During Off-Season

While aluminium furniture is designed to withstand the elements, storing it during the off-season can further prolong its life. Keep your furniture in a dry, indoor location, such as a garage or shed, if possible. If indoor storage isn’t an option, consider investing in furniture covers. These protect your furniture from the worst of the winter weather and help to keep it clean and ready for use in the spring.

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