The Bistro Garden Furniture Trend

Planning a garden is an act of love and great joy. Gardens are a place to explore the world of flowers, plants and wild animals. They’re also an escape from the everyday world. Today’s homeowners want gardens that offer them something special at every turn. They are looking for spaces that are harmonious and yet exciting and modern at the same time. One of the most important aspects of any garden is the right seating. Seating offers a warm place to watch a butterfly flit from flower to flower as the sun goes down. It also offers people spaces to relax, have a cup of tea and invite guests over to appreciate the garden with them. Designers everywhere understand that their clients are no longer content with the plain and ordinary. They want inviting garden furniture that is practical and yet full of elegant charm and all about today’s modern, durable materials.

Bistro Garden Furniture Trends - BE Furniture Sales

Searching for Inspiration

Furniture designers take inspiration from many varied sources. One place that has grown increasingly popular in recent years is bistro garden furniture. The very word bistro is inviting. It conjures up lazy afternoons in Paris cafes drinking coffee and watching the world go by from a private perch. A bistro is a place designed for the indoors and the indoors. Bistro furniture is, therefore, all about style but also all about style that can stand up to many years of very heavy use. The fact that bistro furniture is a highly durable is one of the many reasons why it is so popular. Designers and consumers alike appreciate being able to use furniture in their garden that can endure everything from snow to high humidity and still look really good.

The Type of Materials

Bistro garden furniture is available in many types of materials. Common materials include aluminium and cast iron. These are typically used for the base of the table and chairs as well as other types of outdoor furniture such as a chaise lounge. Cast iron and aluminium are ideal materials for use in any garden. They can shaped into pleasingly curved lines. Curved lines help add a sense of drama and momentum to any outdoor space. The intricate back of the chair made from iron invites people to come into the garden and look at it more closely. Such lines also show off other features in the garden such as a birdbath or climbing espalier in full bloom in early spring.

Innovative Details

Today’s designers are taking this classic look and seeking ways to transform it into something wholly new. At the same time, they also look to the past for additional inspiration. Homeowners also appreciate the results they can find on the market because of the many other kinds of details commonly found therein. A bistro table may feature a brightly coloured mosaic of intensely hued, inlaid tiles. Designers today have taken to experimenting with different types of tiles an patterns with a more contemporary feel. The result are designs with tiles are durable and yet unique. A tiled table fits in well with other garden areas such as moss covered stone path. Tiled tables are also ideal for the business owner who wants to offer something appealing and entirely unique to his clients and customers.

A Modern Twist

One of the many great things about bistro furniture is that it can be highly modern and traditional at the same time. The standard form combining two low slung chairs with a table can be endlessly reinvented again and again. What was old is now seen through new eyes. Designers love to think about how to create furniture that surprises the eyes. Every area of the classic bistro furniture has been thought about. For example, the standard bistro table base has been utterly redesigned. No longer always a single pole topped by a broad top. Instead, people can now find a base that goes in varied directions and brings the eye upwards. Zigzag patterns help lend any table a great deal of interest that translates into something different and yet also familiar. The ability to play with expectations is one of the reasons why so many are embracing this trend in garden furniture.

New Ideas About Chairs

Another part of the classic bistro garden furniture trend that has been rethought are garden bistro chairs. The standard close-to-the-ground option is still appreciated and much used by many avid gardeners. At the same time, people today are also looking for something that a bit out of the ordinary in the bistro chairs they use. They also look for chairs that allow for design and lots of comfort. This is where so many designers have been having a different look at the classic bistro chair. A small chair made for a short bit of rest is still much used. But designers also know that people today may spend time outdoors in quiet contemplation during an afternoon. Buyers want chairs that offer ample support as well as ventilation on a hot day. New designs on the market today offer both back and side support without sacrificing style.

Lots of Colour

Colour is an integral part of the design of any outdoor space. Many gardens and other outdoor spaces already have an integrated colour scheme. Buyers need to have furniture that helps show off this colour scheme and makes it as much of a unified whole as possible. Standard bistro garden furniture typically comes in shades of green, brown and black. Today’s designers are increasingly showcasing the use of other colours instead. A splash of bring red immediately calls attention to itself. People notice garden bistro furniture that stands out in a field of green and brown. Intense shades of cobalt blue help create a cool and shady space even on the hottest of summer days. The same is true of other colours such as silver and yellow. A set of bistro chairs and table in unexpected colours is a great way to bring a modern feel to any outdoor space.

New Ideas

Gardens and other outdoor spaces frequently merge the classic and the modern in the same space. Today’s homeowners and business owners can take advantage of this pleasing style to update their outdoor spaces. At the same time, they can also call to mind timeless garden style that has been pleasing the eye for decades. Careful use of materials and attention to detail means that today’s bistro garden furniture trend is one that is likely to continue to last a long time.

Bistro Garden Furniture Sets

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