Time to Rethink Your Restaurant Furniture

It takes far more than great food to get customers into a restaurant. Considering the increase in competition for customers, perhaps, it is time to rethink your restaurant furniture choices.

Furniture choices do so many things for a business. They blend employee uniforms, plants, and carpeting to make a restaurant look spectacular. Use furnishings to cater to the varied moods of your customers, quiet, joyful, casual, business, and so many others.

Time to Rethink Your Restaurant Furniture - BE Furniture Sales

Why Update the Look of Your Restaurant?

The restaurant business is competitive. This is among the many reasons to update the look of your restaurant. Updating shows growth and continuing care for the establishment. Like other items, the same old look of an eatery gets boring, attracting fewer guests.

Decor grows dull, and customers might want to move on to something more exciting. Sometimes nostalgia is not enough. When changing your restaurant furnishings include choices in leather chairs, bar chairs, and stools, and couches for the comfort of guests. Make sure furnishings flow with the theme you have chosen.

Straight-legged chairs are common in the restaurant environment. Yet, sometimes there are surprises and restaurant owners’ use chairs with a bit more flare. In a world of Internet cafes, customers are sometimes content with, a place to sit a laptop, and a cup of coffee. Nevertheless, as a restaurant owner, you want to do more.

Each time a guest visits. They want to have a special time. Choose furnishings that make every visit feel like a new adventure. Lack of interest makes people go to other places for dinner. Eliminate the chance of customer boredom. This change in attitude costs money.

What Things to Contemplate Before Making a Change in Furnishings:

Despite everything required to operate a restaurant, simply placing booths and tables strategically for seating is far more complex than it sounds. The style of restaurant furniture is as significant as the design of menus and other essentials. A few things to ponder while contemplating revamping your restaurant furnishings are:

Comfort– No matter how beautiful, no one will visit a restaurant too many times if seating is uncomfortable. Moreover, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful advertising methods known to man.

If customers are expected to spend time dining, chairs and booths need to sit comfortably. When frequented by families, placing too many tables or booths while leaving limited space for high chairs, and wheelchair access paths might limit customer visits, therefore, reducing restaurant income.

Design– Consider the type of establishment you are furnishing. Is it a bistro, buffet, five-star styles, or fast food restaurant?

Upkeep– Cleanliness is still high on the lists with the public. If a customer ruins an outfit, while sitting in one of your restaurant chairs, you can count on real problems. It is crucial the furnishings you purchase or hire for your place of business be easy to clean.

Restaurant furnishings need to look clean, feel clean, and be clean. When rethinking your restaurant furnishing, remember, it is possible to push tables together for large parties if booth space will not accommodate. Booths require some customers to slide into the seat; therefore, you always want your restaurant furniture in the best condition.

Value– Paying too much is not a sign of good business, therefore, installing durable restaurant furnishings, and worth the money looks good on your bottom line. Owning anything that tears each time it is used is not something you want to foster as an investment.

Every establishment designates a price limit for furnishing. Overdoing financial expenditures does not make profits leap onto the page. Get the look you want in restaurant furnishing without running over budget.


Restaurant design requires consistency in decorative furnishings. The style of furniture designs relates to the type of restaurant, fine dining, or fast food. No matter, always keep comfort in mind.

If a restaurant is themed as a gathering place for vibrant conversation, larger tables in a round proximity might work best. However, these tables need to hold trays. In some restaurants, servers follow customers to the table and remove trays for more space. The style of service offered is always up to the establishment.

The surrounding area and clientele frequenting an establishment dictate furniture style. Pizza restaurant seating looks very different from fine dining. However, each customer is equally important. Therefore, once again, comfort, cleanliness, and quality and should never be neglected.

Furniture colour and decor affects the mood of guests. This factor sets the stage for restaurant expectations. Neutral colours are good since they are easy to uniform. Coherent wood tones, white and silver tones are consistent.

Seating According to Regulation:

Before making a furniture purchase for your restaurant, check with local officials, and find out how many exits are required for your building. You also need to know how many tables you are able to place in your building. In addition, note the areas obstructed by seating.

Some county councils have regulations on how many people sit in a room. This also helps determine the type of furniture owner’s use for their restaurants. Beautiful, comfortable furniture for your restaurant encourages customers to visit again.

Typical square foot requirement:

  • Counter service 18-20
  • Minimum table service 11-14
  • Banquet room 10-11
  • Hotel/Club/ Table service 15-18
  • Retail cafeteria 16-18
  • School lunchroom 9-12
  • College/Industry 12-15

Square foot measurement used per guest is a serious issue when deciding upon the style of furniture in a restaurant. Every inch of floor space is designated or a certain item in a restaurant. Once the food storage and appliances are settled, you can deal with customer seating.

Seating also depends on the expectations in the restaurant. On weekends or holidays, the groups may be larger.

Portable Chairs and Tables or Anchored Booths:

Those making a point to visit restaurants will find some with anchored booths and tables, and a few with a complete line of booths. Greasy spoons favour anchored booths, padded, with leather cushions, of course, there are negative and positives with every seating arrangement in a restaurant.

Choose from a selection of captain chairs, side or banqueting chairs. Buffets very commonly use banqueting chairs or banqueting tables. Padded chairs are quite comfortable for long sitting.

How to Change the Look of Your Restaurant with Furnishings:

Test out seating to find flaws. Perhaps in winter, heat does not circulate. Maybe the view is unpleasant, or a booth is too close to the kitchen door. It is important for every seat to enrich the customer visit so that every customer feels appreciated. This happens when every seat is appealing.

Dozens of things go into planning a dining area. Some establishments utilise room dividers. It is necessary to allot space for walking areas and to prepare enough distance for patron privacy between tables. This is essential for a comfortable restaurant experience. When people look at restaurant furnishings, it is their first impression of what’s to come. Looks are what matter since they have yet, to taste your food.

Customers want to enjoy the comfort of home without taking on the job of preparing a meal. This gives a good restaurant the chance to fill a void while making a profit. Equipping a restaurant with a new look requires more than a splash of colour here, and a new carpet, there. It takes schematics, planning, swatches of material, and great restaurant furniture.


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