Using Stacking Chairs to Save Space in Your Venue

Finding adequate space to seat all of your guests is an issue that many business owners come across. Traditional chairs take up a large amount of space and are difficult to store effectively. However, stacking chairs are a simple space-saving solution that any venue can take advantage of.

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The Unique Benefits of Stacking Chairs

While traditional chairs are bulky and awkward, stacking chairs are easy to deploy and put away at a moment’s notice. Traditional chairs are generally hard to move from their original position, and even if you’re able to move them without trouble, there’s not much point since they take up the same amount of space wherever they’re placed. Stacking chairs, on the other hand, are designed to be moved from place to place and can be stacked on top of each other to save space. Here are just a few of the benefits of stacking chairs:

1. Space Efficiency

When stacking chairs aren’t being used on the floor, they are stacked vertically. Much like in real estate in a metro area where many more people can be housed in a building that’s large vertically rather than horizontally, a great number of chairs can be stored when stacked vertically while far fewer can be stored side by side. This is one of the preeminent advantages of stacking chairs that attract many business owners to this innovative seating solution.

2. Versatility

While many types of chairs only have one potential application or one place that they’re well suited for, stacking chairs can be used in almost any area for almost any purpose. Perfect for filling out conference halls, providing extra seating in a restaurant, or setting up for a wedding reception, the sheer amount of ways in which stacking chairs can be used is a huge draw for those that desire chairs that can be used in more than one situation.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Stacking chairs are usually made out of lightweight material that costs less to produce than chairs that are meant to stay stationary. These types of chairs are also usually sold in bulk, meaning the more you buy, the better the deal will be. Due to these factors, stacking chairs are some of the most cost-effective types of seating available on the market.

4. Manoeuvrability

One of the greatest benefits of stacking chairs is the ease with which they can be picked up and moved around. Usually weighing much less than traditional chairs, they are easier to manage for staff. There are trolley available for easy transportation around the venue.

5. Durability

Stacking chairs are made of highly durable materials that are designed to stand the test of time. These types of chairs are meant to be moved around quite a bit and are made of simple yet durable components that can withstand this type of handling.

6. Comfort

Unlike folding chairs, stacking chairs usually are just as comfortable as stationary chairs but with all the added benefits that are unique to this type of chair. Guests will be able to sit in stacking chairs for hours at a time without complaint.

7. Aesthetics

There are a variety of options when it comes to the colour scheme and design of stacking chairs. These durable and versatile chairs certainly don’t all look alike and can be selected to fit the unique aesthetics of your venue or meeting place. Many varieties of stacking chair are designed to look good in any setting.

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Save Space with Stacking Chairs for Restaurants

One of the most common applications for stacking chairs is in restaurants. When closing time comes along, it’s hard to properly clean tables and vacuum the floor with a bunch of chairs in the way. The ability to stack chairs vertically against the wall can be a lifesaver for restaurant owners that want to maximize their ability to clean effectively without skimping on style or quality.

Stacking chairs can also expand on the current seating available in your restaurant. You can rely on traditional seating for most occasions, the ability to deploy chairs will allow you to make the most of your sudden popularity.

Maximise Pub Seating with Stacking Chairs

On weekend nights, many pub owners find that there just aren’t enough bar stools to go around. That’s when a stack of chairs in the corner can come in handy for providing ample seating to those in need. If you ever host live music at your pub, stacking chairs are also useful for setting up a miniature amphitheater around the stage.

Stacking Chairs for Events and Conferences

One of the most common applications for stacking chairs is for conferences. In almost every hotel conference hall in the world, you’ll find seemingly endless stacks of chairs lined up against the walls ready for weddings, conferences and meetings. These simple and versatile seating solutions can be set up rapidly to fill a space with chairs in preparation for a conference for a big event. When the event is over, versatile and lightweight stacking chairs can be returned to their stations without a fuss. Many conference hall proprietors purchase hundreds of stacking chairs and rely exclusively on these innovative seating options to provide seating to their attendees.

Wedding Venue Stacking Chair Hacks

One of the most common issues that many wedding planners have when figuring out the logistics of their big day is figuring out where everyone will sit. It’s easy to make your wedding venue attractive to couples planning their nuptials by having plenty of stacking chairs on hand to accommodate any number of guests.

While stacking chairs are easy to set up for indoor weddings, where they really shine is in outdoor settings. Easy to transport and set up, stacking chairs can add a special allure to an outdoor wedding ceremony that would otherwise rely on folding chairs or leave guests in the lurch with standing room only.

Stacking Chairs for Churches

Pews may still be used in older churches but stacking chairs provide extra seating options for parishioners as well as the church hall for community meetings and events.

Make the Most of Any Space with Stacking Chairs

No matter what type of venue you operate, if you have a large number of people that all want to be able to sit down together, stacking chairs are the best way to make sure that everyone is comfortable and able to concentrate on the matter at hand. These seating solutions are often indistinguishable from traditional chairs, obliterating the myth that portable and versatile seating is necessarily less attractive than chairs that are meant to stay stationary.

Easy to transport, easy to set up, and even easier to put away when they are no longer needed, stacking chairs are a boon to anyone that wants to be able to entertain large amounts of guests or host a popular event. With dozens of different options available when it comes to size, colour, and style, it’s guaranteed that there’s a stacking chair out there that will fit your particular criteria for the perfect kind of portable seating.

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