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Once summer arrives, a lot of people’s thoughts revolve around the beer garden, enjoying the sunny days with family and friends, and finding welcome solitude at a neighbourhood beer garden. Bars and pubs with a beer garden can take advantage of the lengthy summer nights. Provided the space is available, not making good use of it for the summer is a waste.

Beers Garden Design Ideas - BE Furniture Sales

The Outdoor Area

One of the most important qualities of any beer garden connected to a restaurant, pub or bar is it should not have the same feeling as an indoor space. The space should feel like a garden, and the indoor finishes do not belong here. The space should have outdoor elements such as brick and stone, and the furniture should have the same appearance as outdoor furniture. There are so many finishes and materials that can be used for a lovely garden atmosphere. The space should have a light, relaxing feeling, and be as appropriate for a group of friends as a man seeking solitude. If the space is picturesque, it can be placed on social media. This will spread the word, and help bring a lot of traffic to the beer garden.

The Weather

The heat and glare must be diffused, and this can be accomplished with canopies or coloured glass. Almost anything can be created to decrease the wind factor including canvas windbreakers, timber or metal frameworks with glass and willow fencing. A trellis planter is a nice addition, and can be designed on wheels so it can be moved wherever it is required. The position of the seating must take the direction of the wind into consideration. When the weather is bad, the smokers will require adequate coverage. Although a canvas canopy will work, glass placed in a glass or timber framework is a more permanent solution. This will also enable the sun to shine through on warm summer days, and blinds can be fitted when it becomes too bright or hot.

The Style

Prior to choosing the theme or style, take the time to do some research. The building and walls may have certain characteristics that are best suited to a particular style or can be embellished. If there is a theme used inside, this should continue into the beer garden. A good example would be a bar with an art deco theme. This theme can be easily carried outside with art deco lamps, tiles and statues. The garden should not have a generic feel, but be an extension of the style of the establishment.

The Hidden Areas

The view from the garden should be nice, and nobody wants to took at the car-parks or the bins in the garbage area. The ugly areas can be hidden by using timber fencing or screened with fragrant plants.

Local Regulations

Prior to constructing anything, it is imperative to understand the local regulations. The regulations have variations depending on where the establishment is located, and it is critical the beer garden meets these requirements.

The Planting

Flowers make people happy, so use a lot of them. The colours should accentuate the palette of the garden. Sometimes one or two of the different varieties will fail, so it is a good idea to have several varieties in each pot and planter. Flowers are extremely adaptable because as long as holes for the run off water are accessible, they will grow almost anywhere. This is an excellent opportunity to make the beer garden unique simply by the way the flowers are planted and where. A piped watering system can be installed by a plumber so all the flowers and plants are watered according to a timer. The best time for watering is during the night so the run off water will be gone by morning. In the winter, the planters can be used for small box hedges and ivy’s to achieve an evergreen look.

The Smokers

Whenever possible the space should be divided between the smokers and non-smokers. Even if the windows are opened, the smoke can enter the interior and disturb the non-smoking customers. Ashtrays should be place on the outdoor tables, and a few sand buckets can be used for cigarette butts. The area can easily be cleaned once the garden has closed.

The Lighting

The outdoor fittings should compliment the style whether traditional or modern. Lights are easy to fit into all types of places and objects. LED rope lights look good at a low level right below the skirting’s, or high on a wall to provide a soft, warm glow. Fittings can often be located that light up and down, and this provides twice the benefit. The lighting chosen should create a gentle ambience, but never be too bright or glare because this may give the customers a headache. Candles were made to grace a garden setting and can be set into ornate or simple bird cages, glass jam jars, metal objects and antique sieves. If the beer garden has a bar, LED strip lights and candles provide a lovely glow in the dark.

Outdoor Bars

Before creating an outdoor bar, make certain to check the regulations. Sometimes the bar is required to be in a smoke free area to prevent the server from being affected by smoke inhalation. To help prevent water from collecting in the cracks, use a suitable outdoor timber like teak with the most minimal detail possible. Timber will require maintenance, but the look is worth the effort. Since the bar will have to withstand all different types of weather, it is a good idea to top off the chosen finish on a regular basis. Stone counter-tops work extremely well because the water will simply run off. For security purposes, the under the counter fridges should have good locks. Since the counter will be used no matter what the weather is like, a permanent cover should be affixed to protect both the bar and the customers.

Summer Drinks

Despite the fact this is a beer garden, appealing to the masses is important, and there must be some variety. Everyone’s preference is different when they start drinking during the warm weather. Offering summery cocktails, glasses of bubbly and fruity ciders will appeal to a wider variety of customers. The summer drinks menu should be planned well in advance, and offer as large of a selection of drinks as possible.

The Catering

Not only is the drinks menu altered for the summer, the food should be as well. This is especially true for the beer garden. For establishments that do not serve food, sharing plates and nibbles with cheeses, breads and dips will fill an empty stomach and please the guests. Outdoor barbeque catering will usually draw a large crowd. Just the smell of a good barbeque alone will bring a lot of Brits right through the door.

Beer Garden Ideas - BE Furniture Sales

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