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School Furniture Buying Guide

Schools are under immense pressure to consistently deliver a quality academic service to their students. A well-run school shouldn’t struggle to achieve this benchmark, but there are numerous variables that affect the performance of both the staff complement, and the students. One such variable that is often underestimated… Continue Reading

What is a poseur table? - Black Metal & Oak Poseur Table - BE Furniture Sales

What is a Poseur Table?

A poseur table also known as a high table or bar table is commonly used in the event industry as a standing only table for drinks or used in bistros or bars with high chairs or bars stools. A poseur tables typical height is around 104 cm tall… Continue Reading

Restaurant, Café Reopening Advice During COVID

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many adverse effects to different aspects of the economy. Mostly, the lockdowns imposed on many areas have paralysed the global economy. Many governments around the globe had instructed people to work from home to protect themselves from the virus, and control its spread…. Continue Reading