Bistro Table Buying Guide

Bistro furniture is timeless, classic, as well as historic. It’s made of varying types of materials, beautifully painted in vibrant colours, in addition to being comfortable. It’s elegant, durable and easily stored. It’s these qualities that have lead restaurants like McDonald’s and Subway to buy our our aluminium… Continue Reading

Cafe & Coffee Shop Furniture Ideas

An essential aspect of creating a successful café atmosphere is the seating arrangements. Without proper seating and dining arrangements, customers will feel less inclined to come enjoy a cup of coffee or two at your shop. There is a large range of furniture options available, and they can… Continue Reading

Brief History of Bistro Tables & Chairs

Trending now are bistro tables and chairs in remodels. Restaurants with courtyards, homes with decks and gardens, and even hospitals and schools with courtyards offer bistro furniture for seating. We’ve all passed by a restaurant with sidewalk seating, wishing we were sipping tea and gossiping with a friend…. Continue Reading