Our Top Five Plastic Cafe Chairs for 2024

2024 brings forward an array of stylish and durable plastic café chairs. These top picks from BE Furniture Sales combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, catering to various preferences and needs. Let’s dive into the details of each model:

Red Designer Web Chairs

The Red Designer Web Chairs stand out with their bold colour and innovative design. Made from a single mould in polypropylene, reinforced with glass fibre, they promise durability and strength. Their lightweight, stackable feature makes them suitable for various settings, including food halls, cafes, and home gardens. With dimensions ensuring comfort (seat height 460 mm, back height 800 mm), these chairs are visually appealing and practical.



Mira Plastic Stacking Chairs with Arms

Mira Plastic Stacking Chairs are designed for heavy commercial use, offering comfort and durability. The polypropylene material, resistant to UV rays and humidity, coupled with aluminium legs, makes these chairs weatherproof and versatile. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, they have a seat height of 44 cm, ensuring they fit a range of settings from gardens to coffee shops.



Classic Black Plastic Stacking Chairs

The Black Plastic Stacking Chairs are a testament to timeless design and durability. Fully plastic, these chairs are ideal for year-round indoor and outdoor use. Their stackable design is a space-saver, perfect for commercial settings like trade shows and cafes. The chair dimensions (seat height 44 cm, back height 830 mm) ensure they are a comfortable and practical choice.



Black Stacking Plastic Chairs with Aluminium Legs

Offering a perfect mix of elegance and robustness, these Black Stacking Chairs with Aluminium Legs are a standout choice. Their weatherproof design and stackable features make them ideal for diverse environments. Easy to assemble and store, these chairs are suitable for commercial and home use, with a seat height of 51 cm, ensuring comfort and functionality.



Clear Acrylic Umbria Ghost Chairs

The Clear Acrylic Umbria Ghost Chairs bring a modern twist to café seating. Their clear, transparent design creates a unique ‘ghostly’ appearance, blending seamlessly into any décor. Made from high-quality resin, these chairs are durable, lightweight, and stackable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they offer flexibility and style, with a seat height of 450 mm, perfect for various settings.



The selection of plastic café chairs for 2024 from BE Furniture Sales offers something for every taste and need. Each model combines durability, style, and comfort, from the bold Red Designer Web Chairs to the sleek Clear Acrylic Umbria Ghost Chairs, making them ideal choices for café owners and home designers alike. These chairs are not just seating options but statement pieces that can elevate any space.

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