Plastic Folding Tables at Prices You Can’t Beat

BE Furniture Sales introduces an unbeatable selection of plastic folding tables that marry durability and affordability, designed to meet the diverse needs of the event and hotel industry.

BE Furniture Sales offers two premium types of this blend of utility and affordability: the 6ft and 4ft folding plastic tables. These tables are not just furniture but a testament to thoughtful engineering and design. The 6ft folding plastic table features a robust 3.5 cm thick blow-moulded plastic tabletop supported by sturdy metal folding legs. This construction ensures a stable surface, longevity, and resistance to wear and tear. The 4ft version goes further with a 4.5 cm thick blow-moulded tabletop, making it even more resilient and suitable for various uses.



The standout feature of these tables is their foldable design. Each table folds flat in half and has a convenient carry handle. This design consideration makes the tables ideal for transport and storage, addressing the mobility needs of users who frequently attend trade shows, antique fairs, or car boot sales or require flexible furniture solutions for home use. The 6ft table, when folded, measures just 90 cm by 76 cm by 7.5 cm, while the 4ft table compacts down to 61 cm by 61 cm by 9 cm, exemplifying space efficiency.

Both tables offer unmatched versatility, standing tall at 74 cm for the 6ft model and offering dual height options (50 cm or 72.5 cm) for the 4ft model. These features make them suitable for various environments, from home settings to professional venues such as hotels and event spaces. The tables are designed to comfortably seat six or four people, respectively, ensuring they can easily accommodate groups.

Ready to Use, Ready to Ship

BE Furniture Sales takes pride in its readiness to meet customer demands, with hundreds of tables in stock in its UK warehouse. The tables come fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. They are available with next-day shipping if required, ensuring that customers can quickly and easily access the tables they need without delay.

BE Furniture Sales has positioned these tables at prices you can’t beat, ensuring that quality and durability in furniture do not come with an exorbitant price tag. Whether for personal use or professional settings, these folding tables offer an economical solution without compromising quality or functionality.


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