Hotel Furniture Trends

Every hotel manager and owner wants to make guests feel comfortable and at ease during their stay which means that the decor and hotel furniture needs to work together to create this overall impression and ambience.

Hotel Furniture Trends - BE Furniture Sales

Trends in Hotel Furniture

1. Personalised Services

In an increasingly digital world full of far flung connections, people continue to crave the ability to interact with others on a personal basis. Hotels that can capitalise on this desire are those that will thrive in the modern hospitality era. Employees should ideally collect basic information on their guests once they reserve a room. A hotel manager should note that the guest is from a certain city before they arrive. Providing accurate information geared towards that guest’s background on a table can be hugely helpful. Other interests should also be kept in mind when it comes to providing a place for a guest to stay. This could include particular food and beverage preferences and could extend as far as the guests pets.

2. A Burst of Colour

Once bland and boring hotel interiors are giving way to bolder, brighter spaces. Hotel guests are looking for spaces that have a lot of interest. It’s easier than ever to bring in colours to spaces. A single wall in a room in a different colour, curtains in rich fabrics with appealing shades serve many purposes. A series of wonderful pictures on the wall can help highlight local places of interest and remind people of the places they would like to visit. Add even more colour with bright cushions saturated with lively elegance.

3. Greening It

Another trend that continues to capture the public’s imagination are eco-friendly amenities and items made from materials known to be easy to use and in abundance. Travellers appreciate spaces that can show how much they care about the planet and wish to help protect it. To that end, hotel furniture makers are showing off new items that are all about the use of sustainable materials. Makers are also looking to new kinds of wood to create a truly innovative look. Items like brooms that are made from recycled plastics are also being welcomed into hotels around the world today.

4. Versatile Furnishings

Modern families come in many different configurations. Versatile items make it easier than ever to book guests and have a really fast turnover. Think sofa beds or bed configurations, work station desks that incorporate business and family tech.

5. Comfort

Hotel furniture trends are all about letting people stretch out and shake off the cares of travelling. Quilted headboards, plush chairs and lots of pillows and layers of bedding add to a guests level of comfort.

6. The Outdoors Inside

Potted plants that suggest the beauty outdoors allow guests to appreciate the room even more. Colours, fabrics and other items commonly used outdoors are also increasingly being seen indoors today. Other popular features like plant walls help to bring the outdoors inside.

7. Thoughtful Lighting

Well chosen lighting not only sets a rooms mood but is also needed for practical and safety purposes. Hotel furniture is starting to incorporate lighting into the pieces – reading lights, floor lights, wardrobe uplights.


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