Coffee Shop Chairs for the Cost-Conscious Owner

When you own a coffee shop, you want to make sure that you’re not only selling great coffee but also providing your customers with a relaxing and comfortable place to enjoy their favourite coffee or tea. Having the right furniture can make all the difference and it’s an easy way to improve the atmosphere of your shop. Investing in new coffee shop and cafe chairs can be a great option. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot to get great furniture or your coffee shop. Has it been a long time since you’ve bought new furniture or are you in need of some brand new chairs?

Coffee Shop Chair Ideas:

Standard Aluminium chair - BE Furniture SalesStandard Aluminium Chair: As low as £10.75

You might be searching for something that is cost-effective, but still attractive. This chair is exactly that! What’s nice about this chair option is it works well with different tables, so you can feel confident that it will work in your coffee shop. They have plastic feet so that there is no concern about floor scratches. These aluminium chairs are sturdy and will hold up nicely with continued use. They can also stack easily if you’re right on storage.

The Standard Aluminium Chair can be used in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Red Tuscany Chairs - BE Furniture SalesRed Tuscany Chairs: As low as £12.75

This red and silver high gloss plastic chair is not only comfortable and affordable, but it will also make a statement. The bold red colour will pop in your shop and the forest design will not go unnoticed.

This red Tuscany chair has plastic feet, to prevent scratching and it’s a suitable chair option for both indoor and outdoor use.

Madrid Contemporary Stacking Chairs - BE Furniture SalesMadrid Contemporary Stacking Chairs: As low as £14.25

For coffee shop owners searching for a more modern chair option, the Madrid Contemporary Stacking Chairs are a perfect option. These are very stylish! Each chair has a black plastic seat and back with wooden legs.

The plastic used to make these chairs is durable, so you’ll get a great chair that lasts a long time. You can easily stack these chairs for storing purposes.

Black Steel Chairs - BE Furniture SalesBlack Steel Chairs: As low as £7.50

These Black Steel Chairs are simple, but look great. Each chair features a black steel frame and has black aluminium slats. The design works especially well for in a cafe or bistro setting. This is a good choice if you want to make your space look more professional and inviting. You’re able to stack these chairs if you have limited storage.

At such an affordable price, you can easily fill your coffee shop with these chairs without worrying about breaking the bank.

Silver Metal Tolix Chairs - BE Furniture SalesSilver Metal Tolix Chairs: As low as £16.30

If you’re going for a hip, industrial look for your coffee shop, you’ll want to check out these chairs. The tolix metal offers an impressive look. You can also feel confident that you’re getting a sturdy, durable chair.

These Silver Metal Tolix Chairs look especially nice with wooden tabletops.

Wood Effect Aluminium Chairs - BE Furniture SalesWood Effect Aluminium Chairs: As low as £12.70

This is another great chair option for the cost-conscious coffee shop owner. The back of these chairs look like real wood, but they’re actually made from plastic. This makes for a more affordable way to get the look of wood. The chairs are made with an Aluminium frame and have a plastic seat and back.

The Wood Effect Aluminium Chairs would look good inside a coffee shop or as a patio or garden chair.

Green Lisbon Chair - BE Furniture SalesGreen Lisbon Chair: As low as £12.75

For cafe and coffee shop owners who want something a little more daring, the Green Lisbon Chairs are a good fit. They’re green, so customers will take notice when they walk in the door of your coffee shop. The whole chair is made with high-quality plastic, including the back, seat, and legs.

No matter how you choose to use these chairs at your place of business, they will look stunning.

Bronze Metal Tolix Counter Stools - BE Furniture SalesBronze Metal Tolix Counter Stools: As low as £16.00

Some coffee shops and cafes choose to provide counter seating. If you want to add some counter space to your shop, you’ll want some great stools. We recommend these Bronze Metal Tolix Counter Stools. They’re simple, but look great. Bronze in colour, they’re made out of industrial metal, for a cool look.

They will work well for a counter or bar set up and they don’t take up a lot of space.

Black Rattan Aluminium Chairs - BE Furniture SalesBlack Rattan Aluminium Chairs: As low as £14.00

Another excellent choice for cafe or coffee shop chairs are the Black Rattan Aluminium Chairs. The back and seat area feature black plastic rattan, while the chair frames and legs are made with aluminium. These are a sturdy chair option that also looks attractive. For cafes and coffee shops that also provide outdoor seating, this is a good product to choose.

The Rattan is plastic and won’t get damaged when the weather is bad. You can stack these chairs when they’re not in use and these chairs work well with so many different tables.

These are some of our favourite coffee shop chairs for cost-conscious owners. Make sure that you’re investing in nice furniture that looks and feels great. These chairs will make your coffee shop a more comfortable and attractive space for your customers. This is such a simple way to make an improvement to your shop. If you want to learn more about other great chairs or if you’d like to purchase one of the above chairs, be sure to check out BE Furniture Sales.


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