Garden Bistro Sets, Ideal for Smaller Gardens

Your garden may not be palatial, but its your perfect sanctuary and this means finding ways to incorporate a garden bistro set into your smaller garden. A garden bistro set will provide a comfortable spot to enjoy a quick cup of coffee in the morning or a simple meal in the evening.

You can create a unique and inviting location to relax and indulge yourself in for quiet moments of peace and tranquillity. To help make it so, add these elements to your dining area to create the unique environment that you always dreamed of:

The Bistro Garden


Make the area come alive by adding pops of colour. If your chairs have hard seats, consider adding a few cushions incorporating colours such as orange, teal, aqua, lime green, or a brilliant blue. If you enjoy your meals outside, matching place mats and dishes would add to the overall appeal. A simple, weather-resistant centrepiece could carry on your theme.

Or you can even incorporate the colour into the bistro set itself. Instead of choosing a boring and bland black table set, choose vibrant colours such as red, aqua, green, or even stark white to make your garden come alive.

Use Colour to bring your garden space to life and your garden bistro set - BE Furniture Sales


The style of bistro set that you choose will depend on several factors. These could include price, personal preference, and surrounding elements. The surrounding elements are other pieces of furniture, the garden type, and even the home and other outbuildings that will be around it.

You will want to choose a style that will blend in well with what you already have in place. For example, if you have a very traditional yard, you may opt for a classic look, maybe with some curlicues and other embellishments. However, if your home is extremely modern, you may be seeking a set that has very straight lines and simple construction. For a natural look and appeal, wicker or a wicker alternate may be a perfect option.


To add to the usage of this inviting area, extra lighting would provide the ways and means to occupy it and enjoy it late into the evening. Twinkle lights wrapped around tree trunks or through the branches would give your yard a magical appeal. Larger overhead lights strung from tree to tree would add even more ambience. Candlelight on the table itself would give it a romantic look for a couple’s time together. Consider one lantern that fits the table top just right or a small centrepiece surrounded by motives. Hang solar candles from the overhanging branches to add that extra touch.

Use lights in your garden to create a magical space around your garden bistro set - BE Furniture Sales


Really make the area more appealing or make it stand out with a variety of in-ground and/or potted plants. This will add to the overall look of peace and relaxation. Again, the look and style of your plants will depend on the decor and other elements that are already in place. If you love the traditional look, roses and geraniums would bring plenty of character and ambience to the area.

This is also a wonderful method to add even more colour and texture to the environment. Select flowering plants that will bloom all summer long or choose alternate flowering plants that will provide a rainbow of various colours all through the season.


Where you actually place your bistro set may depend on the use you have in mind for it. If it is for impromptu dining, you will probably want it on a patio close to your kitchen. If it is chosen for comfort while supervising small children, you may wish to have it located next to their play areas. If you have a pool, you may even decide to have more than one set placed strategically at the water’s edge. Privacy may also be an issue – tuck the set into a quiet corner where intimate conversations over wine can be enjoyed without the intrusion of small children or neighbours.

To properly anchor the table, be sure you have a solid base. This could consist of an existing patio floor or pool deck. Or it could be a quaint pad of old-fashioned bricks arranged in an interesting fashion. Use firm sand and gravel around your children’s play area. The important thing is that you don’t want your bistro set sinking into soft clay or mud while you are enjoying a glass of wine or a pleasant meal.

And, if you acquire a larger yard in the future, you may wish to purchase a larger dining ensemble. But don’t underestimate the value of your smaller bistro set. You can quickly and easily add these small dining tables and chairs into your new plan. Tuck the table set into a quiet corner of the yard for private moments. Put it on your front porch so you can watch the world go by your home while you enjoy a morning cup of coffee or wait for your children to come home from school. Place a bistro table and chairs near a larger dining set to provide children’s seating for a family picnic or barbecue. There will always be room for one or more of these unique dining sets in your front or backyard or garden

Small Garden Bistro Sets

BE Furniture Sales offers an extensive range of garden furniture sets.



Our aluminium bistro sets include a huge range of bistro tables and chairs. Café owners can buy in bulk to give their outdoor dining areas a sense of uniformity and style. Those wanting a small set for picnics and other outdoor dining have a wealth of choice to fit their design.


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