Why is Outdoor Furniture So Expensive?

Is it just me or has garden furniture skyrocketed in price, so what’s going on?

Increased prices due to the shortage in the supply chain and the cost of the materials used to make them.

Supply Shortage

There has been a shortage recently in the supply of outdoor furniture in the United Kingdom. This is evident due to the shortage of barbeques, patio sets, and other products at the garden centres. According to Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association, shortage of shipping containers has also been a major cause as it has led to hiking of freight prices. In addition, the global Covid-19 pandemic has adversely influenced the hiking of prices. The pandemic has negatively affected the supply chain, making it a bit harder to find outdoor furniture products without delays in delivery.

Lack of adequate empty containers has been a huge blow to the industry since most items are purchased in bulk, resulting in inflated container costs and shipping prices.

Large home goods retailers such as Ikea ad Argos have been forced to notify their customers of the unavoidable delays to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Customers who were fortunate enough to order their outdoor furniture have been forced to accept the delays associated with shipping services. Some outdoor accessories supply has dropped drastically since most of them are imported from India, which is hardly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Issues surrounding the Brexit border conflict have led to understaffing, additional paperwork and regulations, and increased tariff charges.

As summer rolls on and the supply chain gets back into the swing of things we should see a return to more normal wait times.

Why is Outdoor Furniture So Expensive - Supply Chain Shipping - BE Furniture Sales

Materials Used

Key features in outdoor furniture is that they must be weatherproof, comfortable, and attractive as well. This calls for the purchase of high quality materials from aluminium, wood, rattan to weatherproof fabric, which in turn affects the price of the outdoor furniture.

Long-lasting materials are generally expensive without the added supply chain pressures.

Rattan is the most preferred material for garden furniture. The common type is synthetic rattan as it is more attractive and durable as compared to the original rattan obtained from palm strands, which cannot withstand British weather.

Metal furniture requires a powder aluminium coating to withstand the weather challenges and improves its corrosion resistance. Strong and corrosion-resistant metals translate into much higher prices as compared to other products. Aluminium furniture has low maintenance costs and is much lighter.

Resins can also be used in making garden furniture. However, they are not durable and are accessible at lower prices. Plastics can fade when left in the sunshine and can be blown when the weather gets windy.

Fabric furniture allows for the creation of waterproof outdoor products. They are UV resistant and fade resistant. Cushions for your furniture are an added cost since they must allow for draining water to avoid the build-up of mould and to withstand exposure to the sun.

Most lounge sets are made of Sunbrella fabric, which is water repellent, fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and weather-resistant, allowing for outdoor use.

Another Option

There is no escaping the fact that larger outdoor furniture will increase in price and possibly only arrive in time for next summer. Another option to get you outside this summer is to opt for a commercial outdoor furniture set to tide you over.



Aluminium garden furniture sets are ideal for the home gardens, restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels, with the added bonus of still being affordable.


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