Cafe Pedestal Tables in Stock and Ready for Summer

Selecting the right furniture for cafes is a critical decision that impacts the space’s functionality and customers’ comfort. As cafes prepare for the increased foot traffic and the desire for outdoor seating that comes with warmer weather, choosing durable and inviting furniture becomes paramount. The right cafe tables not only accommodate the practical needs of serving food and beverages but also create an atmosphere that encourages customers to linger and enjoy their surroundings.

BE Furniture Sales offers a diverse range of cafe pedestal tables designed to meet the unique demands of the summer season. With an emphasis on quality, versatility, and style, our collection includes tables catering to various settings, from cosy indoor areas to vibrant outdoor patios. Whether you want to create a quaint, intimate cafe corner or a bustling outdoor dining area, BE Furniture Sales has a pedestal table to match every ambience and functional requirement. Our selection prioritises easy maintenance, weather resistance, and space efficiency, ensuring cafe owners can find the perfect cafe tables to complement their summer setups.

Cafe Pedestal Tables in Stock and Ready for Summer - BE Furniture Sales

Featured Cafe Pedestal Tables


Aluminium Round Bolero Pedestal Table

The Aluminium Round Bolero Pedestal Table features a sleek design with a 60cm diameter rolled-edge top that combines elegance with functionality. Crafted from polished aluminium, the table’s top and base are designed to withstand the elements, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. The pedestal base ensures stability while maximising legroom for guests.

This table is an excellent choice for cafes with outdoor patios or terraces and indoor dining areas requiring durable yet stylish furniture options. Its polished appearance adds a sophisticated touch to any setting.



Commercial Cafe Bistro Table

Our Commercial Cafe Bistro Table comes with a 60cm diameter polywood tabletop and a robust black aluminium base. The weather-resistant polywood top is mounted on a high-quality black aluminium frame, offering durability and easy cleaning. This table’s construction guarantees long-term indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile choice for cafe owners.

The Polywood top resists mould and fading, maintaining its appearance over time, while the aluminium base provides a sturdy foundation that is easy to maintain.



Round Pedestal Bistro Table

The Round Pedestal Bistro Table features a 70cm diameter polywood tabletop set on a high-quality white steel base. This table is particularly noted for its weather resistance, making it an ideal option for outdoor dining spaces. The polywood top withstands various elements, ensuring the table’s longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Designed to endure the outdoors, this table is perfect for gardens, patios, and outdoor cafe spaces, providing a durable dining surface that retains its beauty through changing weather conditions.



Square Pedestal Bistro Table

Our Square Pedestal Bistro Table offers a 70cm x 70cm square polywood tabletop supported by a white steel weighted base. This design shares the weather-resistant qualities of our round tables but provides a different aesthetic and functional footprint.

Square tables can be more space-efficient in specific layouts, allowing for easier grouping and alignment against straight-edged spaces. This makes them ideal for cafes with limited space or those looking to maximise seating capacity.



Aluminium Square Bolero Pedestal Table

Like its round counterpart, the Aluminium Square Bolero Pedestal Table features a durable, polished aluminium construction with a 60cm x 60cm square top. This table combines robustness with a contemporary design, ensuring it fits seamlessly into modern cafe environments.

The square design and rolled edges offer a modern aesthetic that stands out in urban and contemporary cafe settings. Its aluminium construction ensures the table is lightweight for easy rearrangement and durable for long-term outdoor use.



Each pedestal table from BE Furniture Sales has been carefully selected to offer cafe owners versatile, durable, and stylish options for furnishing their establishments. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of round tables or the modern efficiency of square tables, our collection ensures your cafe is well-equipped for the summer season and beyond.

Special Mention: Paris Bistro Table

The Paris Bistro Table is a standout piece in the BE Furniture Sales collection, distinguished by its unique design elements and the distinct inspiration it draws from the timeless charm of Parisian cafes. With a 60 cm diameter, this table features a marble effect tabletop adorned with a sophisticated gold rim, paired with a robust cast iron upright and base. Its design’s blend of elegance and durability pays homage to Paris’s romantic streets and brings a slice of that quintessential French allure to any cafe setting.

The design of the Paris Bistro Table is inspired by the outdoor terraces and intimate dining spots that line the cobblestone streets of Paris. The marble effect of the tabletop, combined with the classic gold rim, evokes an air of luxury and refinement, while the heavy cast iron base ensures stability and longevity. This table is a tribute to the art of French living, where attention to detail and a passion for aesthetic beauty define every aspect of cafe culture.



Incorporating the Paris Bistro Table into a cafe’s design is an effortless way to create a Parisian cafe vibe, inviting patrons into a world where coffee and cuisine are savoured against a backdrop of elegant decor. This table is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor settings, making it versatile for any cafe layout. Whether placed on a bustling sidewalk or in a cosy indoor nook, the Paris Bistro Table enhances the ambience with its Parisian flair.

The Paris Bistro Table’s ability to blend seamlessly into various settings while adding a touch of sophistication makes it an ideal choice for cafe owners looking to infuse their spaces with the charm and elegance of Paris. It’s more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement that celebrates the joy of cafe culture and the timeless appeal of French design.

Customise Your Cafe Tables


BE Furniture Sales offers expansive cafe pedestal tables to meet cafe owners’ diverse needs and aesthetic preferences. Our selection includes the Estoril, Monaco, Mugello, Misano, and Imola bistro tables, each with customisable options for a personalised touch. This flexibility ensures every cafe can find the perfect match for its theme and ambience.

Estoril Bistro Tables

The Estoril Bistro Tables are known for their sleek design and durability. Customers can choose from four high-quality tabletop finishes: Aged Pine, Romeo White Marble, Alcantara Black, and White Driftwood, each with a sturdy cast iron base. This range allows for the creation of a desired look, from rustic charm to modern sophistication.



Monaco Flip-Down Bistro Tables

Monaco Flip Down Bistro Tables offer a practical solution with a stylish edge. These tables come with four finishes similar to the Estoril range but feature an aluminium flip-down base for easy storage. This design is particularly suited for spaces that require flexible seating arrangements.



Mugello Bistro Tables

Mugello Bistro Tables bring a minimalist aesthetic to any cafe. These tables are set on a cast aluminium base and are available with five tabletop finishes, including Light Wood, Marble, Grey, Mid Wood, and Natural. The Mugello range is perfect for cafes with a contemporary or industrial look.



Misano Bistro Tables

The Misano Bistro Tables are versatile and weatherproof, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With four available finishes, these tables are supported by a durable cast aluminium base, offering style and function for any cafe setting.



Imola Flip Down Bistro Tables

Imola Flip Down Bistro Tables provide the ultimate in modern design and convenience. These tables feature a black flip-down base and the same four finish options, allowing them to be easily stacked and stored. This is ideal for cafes with limited space or needing to adapt their seating quickly.



The customisation options available with BE Furniture Sales’ bistro tables ensure cafe owners can align their furniture choices with their specific theme and decor. Whether aiming for a classic, rustic, contemporary, or eclectic look, the variety of tabletop finishes and base types allows for endless possibilities in design. This flexibility not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a cafe but also allows owners to create a distinctive space that reflects their brand and welcomes patrons into a uniquely tailored atmosphere.

By offering customisable options, BE Furniture Sales empowers cafe owners to curate spaces that resonate with their vision and the preferences of their clientele, ensuring that each piece of furniture serves a practical purpose and contributes to the cafe’s overall character and charm.

Cafe Pedestal Tables for Your Space

Cafe pedestal tables are a popular choice for new and established cafes due to their unique blend of functionality, space efficiency, and aesthetic versatility. These tables offer several advantages that suit a cafe environment’s dynamic needs, whether indoors or outdoors.

One of the primary reasons cafe owners opt for pedestal tables is their unmatched versatility. Designed to fit seamlessly into indoor and outdoor settings, these tables are crafted from materials that withstand various weather conditions, ensuring durability and longevity. This versatility extends to their design appeal, with options ranging from sleek, modern aluminium to classic, rustic wood finishes. This allows cafe owners to create cohesive or varied themes throughout their space, catering to specific moods or dining experiences.

Where floor space is often at a premium, the space-saving design of pedestal tables becomes a significant advantage. Unlike four legs, pedestal tables feature a single central base, providing more legroom for patrons and making it easier to fit chairs around the table. This design facilitates more effortless movement within the cafe, as staff and patrons can navigate the space without obstructing multiple table legs. Additionally, the compact nature of pedestal tables allows for more flexible layout options, enabling cafe owners to maximise seating capacity without compromising comfort or accessibility.

Beyond their practical benefits, cafe pedestal tables contribute significantly to a space’s aesthetic and ambience. The variety of designs available means that there is a pedestal table to complement any cafe’s theme, from quaint and cosy to sophisticated and contemporary. The right table can be a focal point, drawing patrons in and encouraging them to stay longer. The aesthetic appeal of these tables, coupled with their functional advantages, helps create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that enhances the dining experience.

In summary, the choice of cafe pedestal tables reflects a thoughtful consideration of space, functionality, and design. Their ability to adapt to various settings, efficient use of space, and potential to elevate a cafe’s aesthetic make them invaluable in crafting inviting, functional, and stylish dining areas. For cafe owners looking to create a memorable and enjoyable environment for their customers, pedestal tables offer a perfect blend of form and function.


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