Square Cafe Tables in Stock and Ready for Summer

Square cafe tables, known for their versatility, durability, and stylish appeal, are a top choice for many. Ideal for cafes, bistros, restaurants, and home patios, these tables come in various materials, sizes, and designs to fit any aesthetic and functional requirement. BE Furniture Sales offers an extensive collection of square cafe tables in stock and ready to make your summer setting comfortable and chic.

Square Cafe Tables in Stock and Ready for Summer - BE Furniture Sales

BE Furniture Sales features a range of square cafe tables that cater to diverse tastes and uses. There is something for every setting, from 75cm square plastic tables with aluminium legs to 80cm square black bistro tables. These tables are designed for medium to heavy commercial use, making them a reliable choice for establishments expecting high foot traffic during the summer months.

Plastic and Polywood Square Cafe Tables

The 75cm and 70cm square plastic tables are ideal for those looking for lightweight and easy-to-maintain options. Available in black and charcoal grey, these tables are stylish and fully weatherproof, thanks to their plastic construction and aluminium legs. Similarly, the Polywood tables, available in sizes ranging from 70cm to 80cm, offer a weather-resistant top with the aesthetic appeal of wood but without maintenance.



Aluminium and Metal Square Cafe Tables

The Aluminium Square Bolero Pedestal Table and the metal Tolix tables provide robust and rustproof options that can effortlessly withstand outdoor elements for a more industrial or modern look. These tables, characterised by their durability and sleek design, are suitable for commercial and residential settings.



Customisable Square Cafe Tables

BE Furniture Sales also offers customisable options like the Algarve and Monza bistro tables, from which customers can choose from various high-quality tabletop finishes. These tables allow for personalisation and ensure durability and weather resistance, making them perfect for year-round outdoor use.



Features and Benefits

  • Durability:
    These tables are made from materials such as plastic, aluminium, and polywood and are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Versatility:
    Available in various sizes and colours, these tables can easily complement any setting, from casual cafes to elegant restaurant patios.
  • Ease of Maintenance:
    These tables’ materials are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they remain in top condition throughout the season.
  • Eco-Friendly Options:
    Many tables are fully recyclable, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Lightweight and Practical:
    The tables are designed to be light and easy to move, yet stable and secure when in use, thanks to features like rubber feet and adjustable plastic foot caps.

BE Furniture Sales offers a comprehensive selection of square cafe tables in stock and ready to enhance any summer setting. With a focus on quality, durability, and design, these tables are an excellent investment for businesses and homeowners looking to create a welcoming and stylish outdoor space. Whether you prefer the classic charm of polywood, the modern appeal of metal, or the practicality of plastic, there is a square cafe table to meet your needs.

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