Custom Café & Bistro Tables – Build Your Own Tables

In a world dominated by cookie-cutter designs, the value of bespoke café and bistro furniture is immeasurable. The ability to craft a dining space that radiates individuality, aligning with a specific aesthetic and functional need, is the hallmark of excellence in modern furniture design. Enter our collection of custom café & bistro tables – an answer to the demand for individuality in both commercial and personal spaces.

Table Bases

Much like the roots of a tree, a table stands firm because of its base. Our diverse selection of table bases is crafted not just for bistros, cafes, and restaurants but also finds its place in homes and gardens. Manufactured with precision and bearing a gamut of finishes, these bases support our versatile table tops. Whether you’re considering the timeless elegance of cast iron bistro table bases, the sleek and functional aluminium flip top, or the contemporary touch of black flip top bases, we’ve got the foundation your space needs.



Table Tops

If the base is the song, the table top is the chorus – an element that encapsulates the viewer’s attention. Our range of table tops is an ode to the vast and varied tastes of the modern day. Spanning across finishes from the plush Alcantra Black effect and the pristine White Marble effect to the rustic charm of Aged Pine, there’s something for every palette. And with sizes to fit every space, whether you’re looking to place a round 60cm diameter table in your intimate café corner or a 70x70cm square top in a bustling restaurant, you’re spoilt for choice.



Customise Your Bistro Tables

Select your base and add your preferred table top.



Why settle for ordinary when you can build your tables? Dive into our world of customisation, where each piece tells a unique story. After all, every dining space deserves furniture that’s not just a piece of wood or metal but a piece of art.


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