Improve your Restaurants Google Business Profile with these 5 Tips

The restaurant industry has had a tough couple of years which you could not control. What you can control is your Google Business Profile and a little fine tuning can improve your visibility and presentation to potential customers searching for a bite to eat.

5 Tips for your Restaurants Google Business Profile

1. Photos / Images

As restauranteurs you understand that people eat with their eyes and presentation is half the battle, so its time you revisit your photos.

Google Business Profile - Restaurant Photos - BE Furniture Sales

Adding photos is all well and good, but take the time to spring clean.

The new GBP layout in search takes a little getting used to. I would recommend using the image section in the business profile (knowledge panel) this opens the images in Maps layout and the only place you can delete any old images.

Images uploaded by users cannot be deleted, but you can request removal.

To do this – select the flag – report.

Remove Restaurant Google Business Profile - Photo - BE Furniture Sales

2. Add or Edit Dishes to Images

Adding or editing a dishes name can only be done in mobile.

This is also dependant if you have a Menu Highlights tab available.

  1. Find your restaurant on Google Maps on your mobile
  2. Select the Menu Tab
  3. Select an image in highlights section
  4. Suggest an edit
  5. Edit or Add the name of the dish
Add Edit Restaurant Dish Image - BE Furniture Sales

If you do not have menu highlights available, adding high quality images that users will click on and view, will help in populating this section.

3. Menus

Two things to check with your menus.

  1. Add a link to your menu page or pdf
  2. Update or add your physical menu

Why Both?

Desktop users are only provided a menu link and not the individual items.

Mobile users are presented the individual items in a scrollable menu that you curated.

Add Menu Link:

To add your menu link >> Edit Profile

Scroll down to >> Menu Link

Restaurant Google Business Profile - Add Menu Link - BE Furniture Sales

Add Menu:

To add your menu >> Edit Menu

Restaurant Google Business Profile - Edit Menu - BE Furniture sales

If you have never added a menu before, start by creating a Menu Section, like Starters.

Then add individual menu items, price and description.

The new interface also allows for an image to be added.

4. Posts

Posts or Updates are a great way to showcase specials, but work equally well to highlight individual dishes.

They put menu items front and centre to the user, we eat with our eyes!

Restaurant Google Business Profile - Posts - BE Furniture Sales

5. Category

Time to revisit your category, especially if you have not since you set up and verified your profile.

Chances are you selected restaurant and never updated to a more specific category or selection of categories that may fit your menu style.

Restaurant Google Business Profile - Category - BE Furniture Sales

Selecting categories that are more specific to your cuisine type, will help users find you when searching for that type of cuisine.


This article was provided by our Google Business Profile consultant to help you make the most of your Business Profile and take advantage of this resource available to you.


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