The Inner Workings of the Coffee Shop Customer

Coffee shops have been in place for centuries and today, they’re just as popular as ever. People go to their local coffee shops for lots of reasons, to socialise with friends they see on a regular basis, they may head there to treat themselves to a cup of something hot that makes the ideal thing on a cold and wet day, or they’ll just pop inside the welcoming house in order to get out of the house and avoid a few things on their to do list.

The Inner Workings of the Coffee Shop

Coffee choices have been developed over the years and vary from place to place. Getting to know the different types of coffee is one of the true delights of being a connoisseur trained in the subtle art of sniffing out which cup to try today. The freelancer spending their days working on their computer often has entirely different tastes than the hipster looking for a new passion to explore. If you’re determined to join them or you’re looking to expand your understanding of the potential kinds of coffees served, it helps to know what you’re looking at before you decide on that first order. Coffee is an old beverage but it’s one that has endlessly modern variations just waiting for people to adore today.

The different types of Coffee Shop Customers and their preferred coffee - BE Furniture Sales

A Few Basic Classics

While fads take hold now and then, there are lots of tried and true classics that people turn again and for comfort. The Caffè Americano began to assume popularity with travelling Americans during WWII. Unlike their British counterparts where coffee and tea were often part of the menu, many Americans weren’t as familiar with the institution of the coffee house and people’s habit of stopping there on their way to somewhere else. They were surprised and delighted to find coffee was everywhere. If you see this on the menu, keep in mind it’s one of the drinks of choice for those who are looking for something simple they can enjoy. This is essential a shot of espresso with additional hot water. If you’re the coffee shop customer settling in and putting your cup down on the ash wood table as you watch the world go by, this one will last a long time. Many a coffee shop regular fully prepared for time to read a few pages each day at the coffee shop might opt for the Café Latte or the Café au lait. This one requires a bit more preparation but offers a milder taste than many other kinds of coffee on top. It’s a single shot of coffee topped with scalded milk. The boiled milk gives the coffee an extra bit of flavor. Many parents find it a good choice to introduce an older child to the joys of coffee. The milk thins out the coffee more and adds an extra layer of much needed dairy flavor and sweetness at the same time.

The Hipster and The Cups of Coffee

Every single coffee shop has one or more people who immediately say hipster. The coffee shop makes the perfect backdrop for the hipster. Here they can rest on silver metal tolix chairs while showing off a book or latest apple product on their bistro table. Few things delight the hipster more than the opportunity to show off what they know and demonstrate their knowing ways to the mere masses. Stopping at a coffee shop also allows the hipster to engage in people watching and secretly taking pleasure in imagining that others are not as current as they are. Males and females alike tend to be on top of both the standard coffee and the more recent items. They expect the coffee shop to have both in stock at all times.

Their Cup

While the favoured beverage of choice can change on a moment’s whim, many a hipster really likes twists on the old favourites. They knew about cappuccino and espresso before everyone else did. The cappuccino reminds many drinkers of a cake. Like cake, it can require careful assembly to get just right and taste good. Many a hipster has opinions about how to make it and serve it. It begins with a shot of espresso. Most hipsters have firm ideas about how this should be entered into the cup including the right temperature necessary to capture the full flavor of the beans. On top of the espresso goes the steamed milk. Again, the hipster has firm ideas about how this should be done and when. Topping it all off is the foamy milk that needs to be made with the right amount of foam or it will not do. Many coffee shops offer a wide variety of potential toppings to add additional flavor. Chocolate is often the topping of choice but it must be shaved carefully according to the hipster and then gently placed. The hipster expects milk and dark chocolate on the menu. Another possibility for toppings are spices. Cinnamon is popular but again the hipster will often insist on the freshly ground variety and then watch closely as the barista works on his cup to make sure it all comes together to their personal satisfaction.

The Espresso

For those not inclined to linger, the espresso forms much of the whole of their personal experience at the coffee shop. This is the foundation of many coffee shops and widely served across the world. From the businessman in a hurry on his way to work to the regular who makes time for the coffee shop every single day, the espresso is theirs to savour. The espresso is also for the coffee purist. These are the people who appreciate high quality beans and want them to shine. Espresso is in high demand but can be highly tricky to make just right. It all begins with beans that are highly ground and then boiled. The goal is to bring out the flavor of the perfect marriage of beans and water. Businessmen look for it everywhere as their morning pick me up. The regular knows they can always find it on the menu as a trusty staple. It’s the backbone of many coffee houses and ideal for those looking for a fast cup as they sit at Windsor or Sandringham high table. It’s typically served in small cups that pack a lot of flavor in every single sip.

The Down Under Coffee Types

Visitors to Australia or New Zealand often have to learn a new way of speaking about coffee. The Coffee Instagrammer knows them all very well. She knows her flat white from her long black and wants the world to know she does. The flat white begins with the cream milk found at the bottom of the jug. Many Aussies consider this the best kind of milk. This goes on top of the espresso. As a social expert, she’s fond of demonstrating how much she knows and loves about this kind of coffee. The long black is different but equally temping to share with the world. To create it, she watches the barista take hot water and pour it into her cup. Then, double shots of espresso go on top of the water. This is the true coffee for those who want their cup strong and hot. It’s one form of coffee that has lots of coffee house fans who look for ways to savour great quality coffee.

Dessert Coffees

Dessert coffees have many fans and a few who aren’t exactly pleased with what they see as a deviation from the coffee they love. These are favourites of the regular and the time killer. The time killer may pop in at any time of the day when something sweet seems quite appropriate. He’s looking for something that will bring him a bit of sweetness in the morning on his way to work or after his evening meal when he wants a little time with his regular friends. The same is true of the freelancer. She may spend hours at the coffee shop in front of her computer getting her work done. Sometimes she’s looking for something with the right level of sugar after she’s done with her lunch. The dessert coffee is her beverage choice while at the coffee shop’s wooden trestle table with her fellow group of similarly devoted friends.

Two Great Dessert Coffee Choices

The Irish coffee is featured on many a menu. A hipster might also touch this one if properly prepared to his liking. This is coffee brewed with whiskey. Sugar and a layer of cream round out the flavors. The time killer finds this an ideal thing to drink when he’s looking for something to occupy his time in between other activities. It’s a once in a while treat rather than something he drinks all day. The Vienna is another universally beloved kind of dessert coffee. Strong espresso forms the basis. Then, there’s sweet whipped cream on top. The result is a combination of the tart with an overlay of something creamy and sweeter. It’s the coffee of choice for the person who has enough time to savour it. The affogato is the shortcut that combines espresso and dessert directly. Espresso is poured over the dessert to form a sauce. Many a freelancer has ordered her favourite local pastry or ice cream and asked it topped with a cup. The bitterness of the espresso helps tone down notes that might otherwise overwhelm the palette with too much sugar.

Each Coffee shop is Different

Each coffee house has something special to offer. Each one will have something that is just slightly different. Some places are where stressed out uni students gather for a few cups of espresso as they hover over preparations for exams. Others are places largely designed for convivial conversation. This where people will find the bistro tables and chairs to match. It’s where the regulars find their old tried and true favourites on a daily basis. For the true coffee shop lover, it helps to take the time and look at the possibilities in front of them. Anyone who wants to bring the same style in their own home should note the details in front of them. Good seating, comfortable chairs and lots of coffee choices are the best way to make any home a place where coffee is drunk and appreciated on a daily basis.

Knowing Customers

The person looking to start a coffee shop or expand an existing one should also understand what people are thinking as they sit there. A place where people can run and out or where they can linger is ideal. The same is true of a menu of great coffee choices. Different clients may come in early in the morning or head there after work. A student may seek out this shop as a haven from the harried halls of their classrooms. Hipsters appreciate coffee houses that offer them something new and exciting. The same is true of the coffee instragammer happy to show off her latest discovery to a legion of fans.

The Extras

While coffee is the star of the show, a time killer and his friends also look for something to nibble. The good coffee house will have items like chocolate biscuits on hand to eat along with the coffee. The hipster is looking for something that offers a bit of out of the ordinary such as a pumpkin tart in the autumn or a piece of updated spotted dick and chocolate gateau with wild flavors like pomegranate and star fruit. it is these elements and others such as fun green bar stools that make any coffee house worth it. The businessman can head here for a quick fast espresso. The freelancer can eat as she works hard while slowing sipping her favourite drink. The regular and hipster alike will all find this a place to relax any time of the day.


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